1L Pet Bottle

Safya 1 L Pet Bottle Sunflower Oil was specially developed to bring the purest form of taste to your tables. Produced in Türkiye’s largest fully integrated oilseed processing plant Safya 1 L Pet Bottle Sunflower Oil. You can use Sunflower Oil safely in all hot and cold dishes, fried meals, pastries, sherbet desserts, salads and appetizers.

Safya 1 L Pet Bottle Sunflower Oil,

  • Produced in accordance with food quality standards.
  • Thanks to its special formula, it foams less than standard sunflower oils; it is deal for your fries.
  • Does not contain trans fats and cholesterol.
No of Bottles / Carton Box 12
Bulk Loading1271 (carton boxes /20'' FCL)
2290 (carton boxes / 40'' FCL)
Gross Weight (Carton Box)11,54 kgs